The most vital ingredient for this industry?


Qualsiasi preparazione industriale o artigianale
senza degli ingredienti all’altezza avrà poco successo.
Noi facciamo questo, ti forniamo materie prime fresche e surgelate iqf
che esaltano il tuo lavoro.



Company established by professionals with decades of experience in the food distribution sector. Our business was built on a constant, careful research in quality products and the ability to listen to our customers’ needs. Market analysis, the result of our experience, allows us to have clarity on the truly certified quality, origin and transport of goods. Moreover, we are also able to find the very best personalisation to suit our customers’ needs.

Dairy products


In its burrata or stracciatella version, for all cooking uses from fillings to pizza, its superior quality will enhance all your recipes.


Produced with milk of the highest quality, stracchino is a soft table cheese with a soft white texture. Its genuine, sweet taste with slight acidic nuances makes it a precious ally in the kitchen.


Soft and light, with its intense milk flavour, it stays on the palate with a sweet, pleasant aftertaste. It can also be customised.

Grated cheeses

Indispensable for many dough preparations, ready meals, condiments etc. Eurosell provides several types of grated cheeses ranging from Grana Padano to pecorino via a versatile line of blends.

IQF products

Individually Quick Frozen is a process that allows frozen products to be packaged in freezing conditions but with separate parts. When opened, an IQF product is not a "single block" but made up of frozen product flakes.

Other products

Cured meat

From the selection of quality raw materials and controlled origins we can offer a series of products available in multiple formats, excellent for fillings and industrial products. They can also be supplied in 8x8mm cubes.


Food based on fish proteins - essentially from minced cod pulp – this is an extremely versatile product for the basic preparation of fillings, and first and second courses.


Carni suine, bovine, avicole o selvaggina fornite anche con ricetta personalizzata, ottimi per ripieni di tortellini, cannelloni, lasagne, ragù ecc. Alta qualità garantita.



What our clients say about us

"Highly recommended"

I always love to create new fillings with ricotta, and this fantastic product always gives me results that are truly amazing as well as delicious. The company is solid and very serious, all the staff are at the complete disposal of the customer and deliveries are always on time. “


"Quality of services and products"

We have recently started working with Eurosell and I reserve the right to add the last star if the quality of services and products continues to be constant over time. The two things I liked the most are: the “personalization” of Ricotta based on our production needs and the quick access to all documentation relating to quality certifications. Deliveries are always within a few days of placing the order and rely on serious, clean and punctual couriers


"Impeccable service"

Always very helpful and kind, excellent quality products.


"Thank you…"

Thank you for your constant commitment to supplying and researching quality raw materials.


"Professionalism at the service of customers"

Three things tend to be required of a supplier: product quality, punctual deliveries and willingness to solve any type of problem. Thanks to Eurosell Srl we were able to find all this, plus a raw material designed specifically for us. We cannot be anything but fully satisfied.


“An excellent investment for my company”

I have been working with Eurosell via Mr. Cova for about 2 years, buying dairy products of sure quality, conveyed both punctually and professionally and supported by a top value human and professional relationship. Going onwards, I am sure that all this prove to have been an excellent investment for my company.


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